What Have We Gained and Lost?

What Have We Gained and Lost?

There was a time when most churches used hymnbooks for congregational singing. Many of us can remember worshipping with the red Great Hymns of the Faith or the blue Hymns for the Family of God hymnals here at San Gabriel.

But times have changed, and hymnbooks have been increasingly replaced by projectors and presentation software. Churches making this move–ours included–have done so because they believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

I found the following two posts on this topic to be very insightful. In the first, Tim Challies notes some things that have been lost by moving away from hymnbooks. In the second, he lists some things that have been gained.

May these articles help each of us to more fully appreciate and cherish corporate singing, however the words might be presented to us. I look forward to singing with you on Sunday morning!

In Christ,

Pastor Greg