The Bible Institute

The Bible Institute

The Bible Institute is designed to prepare and equip individuals for effective service to the glory of God.

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2020 Past Class Offerings

“Study the Bible with Pastor Greg”

Study the Bible with Pastor Greg will be offered on four Wednesday nights via Zoom. We will look at different passages each evening. The one-hour sessions will be an encouraging opportunity to be in God’s Word together, grow in our Bible study skills, and walk away with personal application.

“How We Got The Bible – And Why It Matters”

How did we get the Bible? What makes it so unique? Why were certain books included and not others? How do we know the text hasn’t changed after being copied so many times over the centuries? Can we trust our English translations?

These and many other questions will be addressed in the class. If you are interested in growing in your love for Scripture and gaining a deepened appreciation of its trustworthiness, this class is for you.

2020 Past Women’s Class Offerings

“Biblical Friendships: Walking with Others in Wisdom and Love ”

All women are invited to an 8-week Bible study on Biblical friendships. Each week there is a 15-20 minute video to watch and then a 1-hour Zoom discussion group to join.

Topics include:

  • Understanding who we are
  • A theology of friendship
  • The necessity of friendships
  • Defining Biblical friendships
  • How to develop new friendships
  • How to cultivate existing friendships
  • Loving our friends well

Please contact Diane Acosta for additional information,

“Discovering and Understanding the AWE of God. Why it Matters for Everything We Think, Say and Do”

To be human is to be hard-wired for awe. God has given us an awe-filled environment and the capacity to enjoy awe. Yet, as sinners, we are in a daily battle for proper awe and we fight the replacements that threaten our relationship with Him. Not being in awe of God leads to spiritual adultery and has both immediate and long-term consequences for us. Thankfully there is a solution, and His name is Jesus! Come and study passages from Ecclesiastes, Romans, Deuteronomy, Ezekiel and Isaiah as we learn how to fix our awe problems by remembering who God is and relying on His redemption plan.

2019 Class Offerings

“Understanding Scripture Through Arcing”

Have you ever “gotten lost” reading a passage of Scripture? Are there so many ideas going by, so many things being said that it is hard to see what the main point of the section really is? This class is designed to help us follow the Biblical author’s train of thought. Each statement in a passage is represented visually by a small semicircle (“arc”), making it possible to literally see the flow of ideas in a passage. And the questions that we ask in deciding how to draw each arc help us discover the main point the author is making.

Women’s Past Class Offerings

Help! Life is difficult! Help! People are difficult! Help! I am difficult!

All women are invited to a biblical study, led by Diane Acosta, on walking through life’s difficulties in a God-honoring way. Whether you (or someone you love) are being challenged by life, other people, or persistent nagging personal sins, come and learn about the hope that Jesus offers to those who labor and are heavy laden.

Please contact Diane Acosta for additional information,

Past Course Offerings

Biblical Foundations and Solutions for a Healthy Marriage

This course examines the following topics: Marriage is Made in Heaven, God’s Directive for Marriage, How to Change your Husband, How to Change your Wife, Conflict Resolution & Communication, Using Financial Wisdom from Proverbs.

Care and Discipleship Training

Care and Discipleship Training is an 8-week course designed for people who have a desire to be equipped to disciple and counsel using the Word of God.

Church History

This course examines the major themes, events and persons from the conclusion of the book of Acts to the contemporary Church.

Faith and Tech

This course is designed to equip believers with a deeper understanding of the current technologies available and encourage them to see and apply these technologies as a crucial ministry tool.

Global Missions

This course is a concentrated adaptation of the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course, presenting Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic dimensions of missions.


This course gives specific tools for studying the various literary types in Scripture, and shows how to determine the intended meaning of Bible passages.

How To Study The New Testament with a Little Greek

This course will increase your ability to mine the riches of the New Testament by introducing some basic Greek. Enough of the language will be covered to effectively use Bible software, do word studies, use commentaries and other tools that reference the original text, and understand why English Bible versions translate passages differently. Important principles for Bible study will also be presented. The class is for all who desire to have their lives more deeply impacted by the New Testament.

New Testament Greek

This course provides a foundational vocabulary and understanding of Greek grammar such that students should be able to read portions of the Greek New Testament by its conclusion.

Philosophy And The Christian Faith

This course examines the history of western philosophical thought and both its impact on contemporary society and implications for Christian apologetics.

Rightly Handling The Word Of Truth

This course explores how to effectively read and study the Bible–whether for one’s own time in the Word or in preparation to teach others.

Spiritual Disciplines

This course provides resources and encouragement for such areas as prayer, fasting, Scripture memorization, and personal Bible Study.

Survey Of The New Testament

This course presents an individual overview of all 27 NT books, including background, authorship, and major themes.

Survey Of The Old Testament

This course presents an individual overview of all 39 OT books including background, authorship, and major themes.

Teaching The Bible

This course underscores the importance of presenting the author’s intended meaning, and covers such topics as how to study passages, use the best tools, create effective outlines and lesson plans, prepare oneself personally, and present the Scriptures in a way that brings glory to God and benefit to students.


This course is an introduction to Bible doctrines, systematically presenting ten primary categories of theology with the goal of developing an organized understanding of Biblical teaching.

Understanding Scripture Through Arcing

This course is designed to help students follow the Biblical author’s train of thought. Each statement in a passage is represented  visually with a small semicircle (“arc”) together with a simple symbol that reflects how that statement relates to those around it.  This makes it possible to literally see the flow of ideas in a passage, and the questions asked in determining the relationships to be arced help the student discover the main point the author is making.

Unity Of The Bible

This course presents an overview of God’s working throughout salvation as traced across the Old and New Testaments, underscoring how the Scriptures speaking in concert as they unfold the whole counsel of God.