Javier Ordaz

Javier Ordaz

Javier was raised in Monterey Park, CA and grew up a Catholic. As a senior in high school he began to consider spiritual matters. He began attending the Worldwide Church of God (WCG), which unfortunately did not understand that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone. It was in the mid-90’s that WCG experienced a transformation from heretical teachings to the true Biblical gospel teaching. Half the denomination believed the gospel. The other half did not, and so split and continues to this day in heretical teachings.

By God’s grace Javier believed the gospel. It was in 2005 that he came across the Grace to You (GTY) radio broadcast featuring sermons by John MacArthur. Due to the in-depth verse by verse teaching his spiritual understanding grew and he became exposed to other current and past reformed preachers. Unfortunately, WCG, which had changed its name to Grace Communion International (GCI), began to deviate from the true gospel. This prompted Javier and his wife, Linda, to look for a congregation that taught gospel truth and believed in the authority and inerrancy of scripture. They “discovered” San Gabriel Community Church was only two miles from their home. They have been attending since 2012.

Javier and Linda met at a GCI congregation and were married in 2008. Javier has a son (Jason, who also attends SGCC), daughter (Melissa), and son-in-law (Carlos) who are also believers. He has three grandchildren, Valerie, Alex and Natalie. Javier has worked in the investment industry since 1981 in account administration and operational roles, and in 2016 switched to a compliance role.

Javier serves on the Usher Team, supports the leader of the Men’s Basketball Ministry, and is a member of the Men’s Ministry Team. Javier enjoys cycling (though these days he mostly looks at his road bike in the garage) and being involved with a men’s small group.

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