Personal and marital counseling is available at San Gabriel Community Church. Because we believe that the Word of God is sufficient, we are committed to the Biblical Counseling model, which explicitly places the Scriptures at the center of all that is shared and recommended.

The goal of Biblical Counseling is spiritual, relational and personal maturity in Christ. This maturity is evidenced by proper thoughts, motives, actions and emotions that increasingly reflect Jesus Christ. Such personal change must be centered on Christ and the Gospel and is always rooted in the infallible Word of God. The inspired and inerrant Scriptures, rightly interpreted and carefully applied, offer us God’s comprehensive wisdom and are sufficient for all of life’s challenges and trials. Wise counseling seeks to address both the inward (heart) and outward (behavior) aspects of human life to bring thorough and lasting change into the image of Christ. Biblical counseling is grounded in sound theology, dependent upon the Holy Spirit and prayer, and is anchored in the life of the church.