Church Library

Our church library is located inside the Sanctuary, and contains a wonderful collection of books. There are volumes that address specific topics like family, relationships, determining God’s will for your life, finances, and many other areas. The collection also includes commentaries on every book of the Bible, reference books like concordances, Bible encyclopedias and atlases, and a solid selection of translations and Study Bibles. We also have books covering a wide variety of subject areas including Missions, Apologetics, Church History, and Theology. For those interested in delving deeper into a passage, there are resources in Hebrew and Greek, many of which are very usable by those who have never studied these Biblical languages. 

Borrowing books is very easy. Simply note the books you’d like in the notebook displayed on the table. You may keep a book for as long as you need, but please keep in mind that others in the church family may also wish to use it. When you are finished, simply return the book(s) to the red box you will find on the bottom shelf of the center bookcase, and then note the date next to your original entry in the notebook.