San Gabriel Community Church's beginnings date back to 1849 when Mrs. Victoria Corona dreamed of opening an evangelical church in her San Gabriel home. It took a pioneering faith and a sacrificial spirit in those beginning days.

In the fall of 1892, an afternoon Bible School was opened; and between 1902 and 1918, the church congregation met in various location in the local San Gabriel area.

In January 1918, the name changed from San Gabriel Union Sunday School to San Gabriel Union Church with 25 charter members. In 1919 the church was incorporated, and in 1920 the church's present location on Pine St. was purchased and the first worship service–an Easter Sunrise Service–was held on that vacant lot.

In the 1930s, the sanctuary building was erected.  In 1939, dedication services were held for the present sanctuary.  In 1949, the church launched San Gabriel Christian School. The Stewart building was added to our campus in 1959, and in the 80s, the church constructed the multi-purpose building and added additional parking facilities to better meet the needs of a growing congregation and school.

A Master Plan Committee was formed in 2003 to investigate, make recommendations regarding, and implement the Master Plan as set forth by the Board of Elders.  An aggressive program of campus renovations has taken place in recent years, including the refurbishment of the Sanctuary, the renovation of its Lower Auditorium (“The Basement”), and significant new campus landscaping. 

In June of 2012, the church voted to change our name from San Gabriel Union Church to San Gabriel Community Church to more accurately reflect our purpose and goals. 

As we approach our 100th anniversary, San Gabriel Community Church, under the leadership of Pastor Steve Balentine and the Board of Elders, continues to minister and serve that God may be shown to be glorious in all things.