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Dealing with sin is hard work, and messy. We know this both from the sin in our own lives, and from interacting with others.  Dealing with sin in our family -- those closest to us -- is even harder, and can be even messier. And yet, these are the people God has brought into our lives to walk through these processes with: to whom we minister, and by whom we are ministered to. I've had several conversations lately about how to walk biblically when we are dealing with sin in someone close to us. I'm excited that folks are working through these issues and not just sloughing them off; it stands to reason that many others are working through similar situations, as well. I am recommending an article Charity forwarded to me entitled "What if Your Child is Gay?" This article specifically addresses its title topic, but also deals generally with how to respond to the sin of a family member (or someone we have a relationship with) whether they repent of their sin or not. It looks at the pitfalls so many of us are tempted to tumble into while walking through these hard situations. It's also not a bad thing to be prepared for the ever-increasing possibility that someone in your family will deal with same-sex related issues. Click here for the article --Geoff
I've been preparing for a class on "dating" for some Jr High students and so the issue of Christian Dating has been on my mind lately.  What is it? Is it even a viable subject? Is there enough about "it" in the Bible to even warrant a conversation?  (of course there is silly, I told myself)  It's such an interesting academic subject, but for most, if not all of us, it's not only academic.  This is an area, like parenting, that we don't talk about much in the church, and also like... Read More
Wow!  What a weekend!  We just missed the snow that we were hoping to get, but we had a great time up in Big Bear this last weekend!  We got a bit of snow, as you can see to the left, but the big storm came just after we had left. We had about 30 kids attend, including quite a few SGCS kids, which was great!  We enjoyed meals together, froze outside together, and looked at the Word of God together during our 4 sessions through out the weekend. They had a blast paint balling, in archery,... Read More
This phrase always makes me think of the time I accidentally hit my sister in the head with an aluminum baseball bat, but that's a story for another time.  Suffice to say, I kept my eye on the ball that time at least.  This phrase is usually used in connection with baseball, but it's not uncommon to hear it mentioned quietly on the golf course (sometimes every hole if you have the misfortune to ever play with me), and it, like so many sports phrases has been commandeered for regular life use... Read More