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Much has been written in recent days about hurricanes Harvey and Irma. An article that especially caught my eye sought to look at them through the lens of Scripture. Here’s an excerpt:

“Hurricanes are warnings to us of the eternal judgment yet to come. They are like warning shots fired across the bow of ships that are sailing in rebellion to God. They are calls to repentance—to turn away from our sin to return to our Creator by trusting His Son, the Lord Jesus, for salvation. . . These storms, together with every other tragedy in life, are calls to repent of sin and trust the Lord Jesus. May the Lord give us ears to hear this message. And may He enable us to help others recognize what He is saying as we let His Word interpret His providence.”

I commend the entire article to you:

Pastor Greg

Bitterness is a sin that often will lay undetected, and hidden for years. This is why we rarely see bitterness in the young. Yet eventually, what is in the heart will bear fruit. Jerry Bridges, in his book The Pursuit of Holiness, gives an excellent description of bitterness and a warning against the sins in our heart that may not be so obvious.

Bitterness arises in our hearts when we do not trust in the sovereign rule of God in our lives. If ever anyone had a reason to be bitter it was... Read More