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As many of you know, we were away at a conference in Chicago last week. Many of you may not know however that the name of the conference was The Gospel Coalition.  It may seem kinda weird to entitle a christian conference as such, but it's very purposeful.  Most christian conferences that I'm invited to, aren't about The Gospel, there either about "a different gospel" as Paul mentions in Galatians, or no gospel at all, in fact no Word of God at all.  So this conference is not really the norm, in fact it's unfortunately, one of the exceptions to the rule.  All that to say, it was a blessing to be there this last week hearing men I respect bring the word and then discussing it every day with men I respect even more.  Thank you for the care that you show for us! And ultimately we thank God for the care He shows to us all! Anyway, I get to go first, so I get to choose any of the awesome messages to share with you, and I will definitely choose the message out of Jeremiah 23 given by Conrad Mbewe, humm, I'm suddenly hungry for Chinese food, weird.  Moving on, the Lord used this guy to bring the Word, he's from Zambia and aside from encouraging us with the servants like himself that the Lord has provided in that part of Africa, the Lord used Him to bring the Word in a very powerful way.  This text speaks of the Righteous Branch who will come to lead God's people and how good and righteous he will be in contrast to the human leaders that were over Israel in Jeremiah's time.  Very good message and well worth a listen, so click here and scroll down to the middle of the page, then simply click on the download button next to the appropriate message. Thank God for technology, I trust that He will bless you richly from the faithful preaching of His Word. ~ Geoff
This Sunday in 1 Peter, we will be introduced specifically to the theme of suffering.  In preparation for Sunday I want to encourage you to reflect on the nature and purpose of suffering.  In his book, Knowing God (p 97-98) (also available in the church library) J. I. Packer writes about suffering.  He is reflecting on the suffering of so many of God’s children in the Old Testament and reminds us that these things happen “for our learning” (cf. 1 Corinthians 10:11).  We should not... Read More
This Sunday we begin a study through the book of 1 Peter.   I want to whet the appetite of your soul for what is in front of us. This disciple who had once denied any relationship with the Lord now offers a letter telling his readers how to stand firm.  He writes to a church facing the daily possibility of persecution.   What is his counsel?  He reminds them of the same truth that had impacted his life and taught him to stand firm.   He reminds them of the gospel that had transformed... Read More