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1 John 4:8 and 1 John 4:16 both contain the statement, “God is love.” Perhaps some of us have never considered that this requires that God be a Trinity. The Gospel Coalition recently published a short article that explores this important truth. Along the way it asserts, "If God were not a Trinity but merely a solitary divinity, he could neither be love nor be God.” The article is actually an excerpt from Jared Wilson’s new book Unparalleled: How Christianity’s Uniqueness Makes It Compelling (Baker Books, 2016).  

Here is a link to that excerpt:

–Pastor Greg

Tim Challies has a great article exploring the impact of affluence on both our society and personal lives. He refers to this phenomenon–recently dubbed "affluenza"–as the spiritual disease ravaging our world. He not only describes its symptoms, but has a helpful treatment section outlining its cure. Praise be to the Great Physician!

Here’s a link to the article:


–Pastor Greg

The Bible makes a lot of truth claims, such as the one from this children’s song, but also claims about the origins of the universe, and the end of time. It speaks of the nature of God, the nature of man, and a singular hope for all mankind in the God-man Jesus Christ. But, how do we know that any of these things are true? The reliability of the Bible has always been an important topic for Christians to wrestle with, and today is no different. Whether you’re in a conversation with someone of... Read More

Going into debt often appears to be a foregone conclusion in our culture. Randy Alcorn offers a different perspective by providing eleven questions we would do well to ask before heading down this road. I trust his short article proves thought-provoking!

-Pastor Greg