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Having been in youth ministry for fifteen years, and now also being a parent who just sent off his last child to college, I give this blog post by Jon Nielson on the Gospel Coalition a hearty, “Amen!”

Kristen and I are so thankful for the youth staff at SGCC and the important role they have played in the lives of our children. Yet, we humbly recognize that they cannot replace the irreplaceable role that parents play in the spiritual development of children. The Lord was clear in Deuteronomy 6 when he laid the responsibility of instructing the next generation at the feet of parents. “…You shall teach them diligently to your children.”

Pastor Dave

Dealing with sin is hard work, and messy. We know this both from the sin in our own lives, and from interacting with others.  Dealing with sin in our family -- those closest to us -- is even harder, and can be even messier. And yet, these are the people God has brought into our lives to walk through these processes with: to whom we minister, and by whom we are ministered to. I've had several conversations lately about how to walk biblically when we are dealing with sin in someone... Read More

It seems that the Lord has laid adoption before me lately more than He normally does.  I've had numerous conversations with folks asking about child adoption, and Charity and I are talking about it as well as we consider the very real possibility that Charity may not be physically able to have any more children.  I have friends that have adopted and I have a few books that speak about both child adoption, and our adoption as children of God.  It's a very interesting topic and it's one that is... Read More

I've been preparing for a class on "dating" for some Jr High students and so the issue of Christian Dating has been on my mind lately.  What is it? Is it even a viable subject? Is there enough about "it" in the Bible to even warrant a conversation?  (of course there is silly, I told myself)  It's such an interesting academic subject, but for most, if not all of us, it's not only academic.  This is an area, like parenting, that we don't talk about much in the church, and also like... Read More