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Pornography: Not something we like to discuss, I know.  But this is a incredibly pervasive sin, and not talking about it, just allows the sin to remain hidden.  So many of us struggle with this, and yet, most of us have no intention of talking with anyone about it.  However, as Elihu says in Job 34:21, God knows: “For his eyes are on the ways of a man, and he sees all his steps." Job 34:21 God sees it all, and nothing is hidden from Him.  Here's an article written by Tim Challies that outlines a specific plan for dealing with the reality of instant internet access within the context of the Christian family.  It's a very helpful, instructive and detailed overview of ways to protect your children (and yourselves) from the potential pitfalls of the digital content, specifically porn, now available whist retaining the immense usefulness that the digital medium affords.  This is a good read regardless of how many are currently in your family, 1 to 21 if you will.

Here's the article: The Porn-Free Family Plan ~Geoff

The issue of marriage is constantly in the news. Attempts to redefine it confront us daily, often in the form of news reports, political maneuverings, pontification from “experts," and human interest stories. It is so crucial that we remind ourselves what God himself has to say about marriage, and why it matters. For this we must turn to his Word, the Bible. The Scriptures are so clear: marriage is ordained by God; it is to be between one man and one woman for life; and physical intimacy is to... Read More

Here's a blog post from John Piper that really impacted me.  For my own life and in relation to others I've spoken to.  You can read the post  by clicking here. - Geoff