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Here is a short article encouraging Christian families to attend church this Sunday, Christmas Day:

If you are debating whether or not to join us on Sunday, I would especially invite you to give it a careful read. I think the author gives some compelling reasons to gather with the saints on this special day.

Merry Christmas!

- Pastor Greg

“It’s interesting to reminisce about what God used to bring you to faith.  For some of us, that was a recent event that is easy to recall, whereas for some of us, it may have been long enough ago that we don’t think about it much.  Think back to what God used, the circumstances, the people, the events, to bring you to himself…  For me, it was finally being exposed to people who had authentic faith.  They were by no means perfect, yet they comprised a group, that for the first time in memory,... Read More

Here is a recent posting I saw on Desiring God's blog. I thought it gave some good and much needed perspective on parenting for our culture today.

--Pastor Dave

Pornography: Not something we like to discuss, I know.  But this is a incredibly pervasive sin, and not talking about it, just allows the sin to remain hidden.  So many of us struggle with this, and yet, most of us have no intention of talking with anyone about it.  However, as Elihu says in Job 34:21, God knows: “For his eyes are on the ways of a man, and he sees all his steps." Job 34:21 God sees it all, and nothing is hidden from Him.  Here's an article written by Tim Challies that outlines... Read More