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Often people decide to start reading through the Bible in December or January–perhaps as a “New Year’s Resolution.” But the following article–written just a few days ago–provides 17 reasons why this is always a worthy pursuit. We can start anytime . . .even in July. There is no rule that we have to begin with Genesis or wait until January 1!


Pastor Greg

“Yes, yes I did.”

The question is why?  First, let me say, sometimes it is no more than a slip of the tongue.  I am reading one word, while saying another word, while looking ahead to the next word and what comes out is some amalgamation that makes everyone tilt his or her head in curiosity.  But sometimes, just sometimes, it is actually on purpose.

Have you ever heard two kids argue about how fast they are or how much better their favorite super hero is than their friend’s?

“No, mine is... Read More

The Bible makes a lot of truth claims, such as the one from this children’s song, but also claims about the origins of the universe, and the end of time. It speaks of the nature of God, the nature of man, and a singular hope for all mankind in the God-man Jesus Christ. But, how do we know that any of these things are true? The reliability of the Bible has always been an important topic for Christians to wrestle with, and today is no different. Whether you’re in a conversation with someone of... Read More

[1] Bless the LORD, O my soul, and all this is within me, bless his holy name!
[2] Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits,
(Psalm 103:1-2 ESV)

Don't forget that as a church body we have committed to memorizing Psalm 103 by Easter.  This Sunday in church, we will be reciting the first two verses together as our call to worship.

Below is a great article from The Gospel Coalition highlighting 7 of the benefits of scripture memorization.

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