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Celebrating 100 Years!


San Gabriel Community Church has just begun celebrating her 100th anniversary. We were organized as San Gabriel Union Church at the home of Mrs. Mary Wilson, Pine Street in San Gabriel, on January 7, 1918. Rev. John Stevenson from the Bible Institute of Los Angeles was appointed the first Pastor. In the ten decades that have followed, the glory of God has continued to be central, the Scriptures faithfully preached, and the gospel proclaimed both here and around the world through the ministry of this fellowship.


The theme of our anniversary celebration is “Looking Back, Looking Forward.” Throughout this year we will focus on God’s faithfulness to us as a congregation over the years, giving him praise and glory for his many blessings. At the same time, we will consider ways the Lord is calling us to continue pursuing effective ministry for his glory in the future.


We kicked off our festivities the first week of January with a wonderful combined Sunday School hour. Video of our history was featured, and a pictorial overview was presented (together with great refreshments, a fun crowd-breaker, a special photo booth, a free anniversary mug give-away, and an encouraging challenge from Pastor Steve). It was a great way to introduce the amazing year we have in front of us.


Going forward, there will be a number of elements to this year’s celebration, including . . .


Each Sunday in the bulletin we highlight an aspect of our history with a special “This week in the life of San Gabriel Community Church” insert. People are already anticipating this feature when they arrive on Sunday mornings.


Priceless momentos of our history are being compiled that together present a tapestry of God’s kindnesses to us as a church over the years. A Legacy Room is being created off the Sanctuary where these and other items can be enjoyed by the SGCC family and preserved for years to come, as the Lord tarries.


A video project is underway that includes capturing the memories and reflections of various members. Throughout the year excerpts from this compilation will be shared with the church family.


Our history will be woven throughout the special events of our church in the coming year, beginning with Family Camp in just a few weeks. There will be some surprises along the way as well.


But the culmination will be a Homecoming Weekend on our campus scheduled for November 10–11, 2018. More details will follow, but I encourage you to put these dates on your calendar.


Praise God for all he has done on this corner! May this year’s celebration bring glory to him and encouragement to his people.


I look forward to celebrating with you throughout 2018.


–Pastor Greg

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