Small Groups

What are Small Groups?

As we walk with Jesus in this life, one of the greatest gifts and greatest blessings He has given to us is the Church.  The Church is often described in Scripture as the Body of Christ, with Jesus as the head.  The Church is also described as a family.  These word pictures given to us in the inspired pages of Scripture clearly teach us that we were not meant to live the Christian life on our own.  We are connected to each other, and we need each other.  One of the key ways we encourage this kind of body-life, is through the ministry of small groups. 

The purpose of small groups at SGCC is to bring saints to maturity in Christ by loving one another in the context of committed relationships, submitting to the authority of Scripture and the conviction of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God the Father.  In short, we want small groups to help you become more like Jesus.